a b o u t.

BobbyD&Boyclothes is about capturing life.

It’s about telling a story - your story. Sometimes, the story is beautiful. Sometimes, it hurts. Once in awhile, the story makes you cry. Ours are written passionately, using the talent and materials that have been given to us. We want to catch your vision, and make it a reality. We do it for those who want to remember not only the event, but also the feeling.

It’s the pure joy of the created being allowed to create.
It’s simple and complicated beauty. 
It’s just black coffee in a white cup.
It’s life, and we invite you to see it.



Jaime graduated from San Jose State University in 2010 with a BA in film production and creative advertising. She has since worked with various record labels, touring artists and companies to capture events and produce promotional materials. Some of her clients have included Slospeak Records, lululemon athletica, Castlewood Country Club, Edenspeak Publishing, the Northern-CA based Joshuafest, HM Magazine, Milkcarton Media Group, and Yoga Reaches Out Bay Area.